Truth Be Told studies up on the competition

Sat. December 3, 2022 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

The Study at the University of Chicago, 1227 East 60th Street, has grown attached to a new restaurant offering in the Woodlawn area of the Windy City. Truth Be Told has put its best British foot forward capitalizing on English culture while being inspired to create a cozy European environment.

The hotel recently opened in 2021 as Study Hotels' third property and the restaurant just debuted in 2022. Let's take a swim through the Truth Be Told menu to see what the chefs have cooked up for the Chicago crowd.

Begin your culinary journey to the tune of the Phil Harmonic cocktail complete with Empress gin, tonic, pamplemousse (which is similar to grapefruit) and English thyme. Predictably Guinness is featured on the beer menu, but surprisingly local brewing companies were also offered such as Indiana's 3 Floyd's Brewing and Off Color Brewing based out of Chicago.

Start off with starters such as Deviled eggs from the appetizer menu or crab gratin with a mix of spices.

Head to heartier fare with the entree selections such as the roast chicken pot pie and the house burger. That smoked bacon left a memorable crunch and that's the Truth!

Pair your glass of wine with a charcuterie tray full of meats including chicken, duck and pork. Finish the night with the popular dessert banoffee trifle containing some out-of-this-world chocolate and butterscotch pudding.

Walk off the gained weight by taking a look around the property...

The views from the rooms and corridors are just spectacular to see the Chicago cityscape, Lake Michigan and surrounding areas. Parents of students have a new place to stay while visiting that is only a two-minute walk from the center of the University of Chicago campus.

The Study contains 167 rooms with approximately 4, 700 square feet of conference room space. Read the room with bookcases and libraries sprinkled throughout the massive building. Curl up with a good book with a private library adjacent to the bedroom for guests who have purchased that tier of accommodations for the night.

With a state-of-the-art gym above, workstations throughout and Truth Be Told below, there's not much reason to leave the property.

Visit and today for reservations and information. Truth Be Told, you have to experience it to believe it!