Sloomoo Institute creates a slimy good time

Tue. November 22, 2022 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Look for your inner child at Sloomoo Institute, located at 820 N. Orleans Street, in the River North neighborhood of Downtown Chicago. After a successful launch in New York, Sloomoo has landed in the Windy City to bring fun and mental health therapy to ticketholders by providing a unique experience.

The Easy Street Property space greets guests with a rainbow of colored lights in front. Could this be your new happy place?

Find out for yourself as you explore a curated art project that is brought to life by founders Karen Robinovitz and Sara Schiller. The dynamic duo saw fast results after witnessing the pop-up in New York become a smashing success.

Patrons enter the building to meet the staff who will guide them through a maze of delightful play areas to explore. Check your coats at the door and leave any items that might limit your freedom on the playground. This is a time to be unencumbered and remove stress with a little slime time.

Make your own graffiti on the wall to start things off and one will learn that being messy is all part of the game. Look for Lake Sloomoo and slip off your shoes before diving your toes inside. Massage your feet within 350 gallons of slime and feel the pressures of your day wash away.

The state of the world today has many people not socializing with each other in person. Sloomoo Institute is frankly the opposite of that. Bring a friend along or just show up alone to mix and mingle with the friendly staff along the path.

There is an ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) room complete with composer Pei Pei Chung's vision of background sounds to digest audibly.

This Institute of slime has a wide range of textures and colors to investigate. There's also Kinetic sand complete with molds to make the perfect shape for people of all ages.

Grab a plastic bag to cover up for a splash in the slime waterfall and make a video to show to all your friends as it cascades right down on your head!

Make your own slime by choosing from 60 different scents, 40 colors and 150 charms to mix into your creation to take home. Before you go stop by the gift shop for a variety of items to remember the occasion and continue this playful party experience.

Sloomoo Institute is already swiftly expanding to new regions such as Atlanta and this slippery mascot may take over the world one day. A little slime therapy never hurt anyone and the personal results may be just what people need and knead.

Find out yourself by visiting and reserve a ticket today. One can be slimed seven days a week if so desired!