Immersive King Tut worships an ancient society

Sat. October 22, 2022 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Immersive King Tut: Boy. King. Hero. rises from desert sands to conquer Lighthouse ArtSpace Chicago, 108 West Germania Place. This follows the successful runs of Immersive Van Gogh and Immersive Monet with a very different experience. 

Patrons can still go to the past immersive experiences on select dates but King Tut in some ways is the best installation yet. Previous immersions only allowed viewers to be surrounded by works of art while a soundtrack played. This time there is a narrator that takes ticketholders on a journey to the past while describing the history of an Egyptian pharaoh name King Tutankhamun.

Along the way, listeners will learn about ancient deities such as Ra and are given a sample of life back then such as men wearing skirts and ostrich races. There is so much potential for educating the public and reeling in school groups to see the past brought to life. Who wants to read a boring book when students can see history in every corner of the room?

For transitions between scenes, the visuals actually crumble down to bring on new material. Try sitting down for a more eye-popping experience as this immersion moves quickly and covers a great deal of territory. Prepare to be mesmerized when a massive snake attacks and wraps itself around the room.

There are unique experiences offered such as dating packages with a private Juliet balcony and a bird's eye view of the exhibit. Make a complete night out on the town with the cozy bar on the premises and the gift shop carries some out-of-this-world merchandise to take home as souvenirs.  The 360-degree views allow plenty of space and privacy with time slots throughout each day. 

Costumes are encouraged and on the day of my visit, a group disguised as Moon Knight characters were visiting which was perfect in keeping with the theme of the exhibit. 

This young boy king and hero give watchers a feast for their eyes as they enjoy a hundred-year-old tale. These walls can talk and have a great deal of information to relay to the people of today. 

Make plans to visit Immersive Nutcracker in the same space opening on November 19, 2022. Visit before this mummy becomes a ghost of the past!