A feature from the Black Lagoon

Tue. October 4, 2022 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

From evil nuns to killer clowns, The Dandy Crown is ready for a haunted holiday in 2022. Teaming up with the crew behind the pop-up bar Black Lagoon in nine major cities seems to be a perfect match for this location in River West at 694 Milwaukee Avenue. 

Erin Hayes and Kelsey Ramage are the people behind the success of other pop-ups and are bringing their concept to life in Chicago. A party to celebrate kicked off on October 3 and the ghouls were out and about to explore the new attraction!  


The cocktail menu is quite impressive and is served in unique glassware, also up for purchase. Just ask the bartender to take home a limited edition mermaid mug by Tiki Farm or pick up a prayer candle if that's your calling. There are Black Lagoon beanies and mermaid t-shirts available by scanning the QR code off the menu. Look for a Spotify playlist for some scary new tunes also! 

Consider sampling some of the unique drinks such as the Hellraiser with Hornitos tequila, spiced rum and a touch of Scrappy's Aromatic Bitters. This beverage will give your spine a little tingle as you sip it down.   

Pump up the monster party with a Holy Diver that serves about four guests at one time. Ingredients for that one include Lot 40 Dark Oak Whiskey mixed with coconut, sherry and grapefruit. It's a potion not to be forgotten! 

If shots are more to your liking order a Wicked one with Reyka Vodka, pineapple and Mahina coconut liqueur. Plan on being the "Popular" one with that shot around the bar on a weekend night! 

There are some spirit-free offerings for those that don't imbibe and the Ritual Sacrifice is a tasty option with Ritual gin alternative, passion fruit and Gosling's ginger beer. Watch the other zombies try to walk home as the sober one that still has fun. 

For food look no further than the Dead Fish Dip with crab and cod or the sacrificial lamb mixing in lamb tartare with beet mayo, egg and lemon. The main plates to not miss are the Pollo of the Dead with crispy chicken or the Black Soul Bacon which is scary good! 

For dessert try some Forbidden rice pudding that will slide down your pipes easily after being lubricated from all those shots. 

The Dandy Crown will make horror fans howl as they dive into an immersive experience on the cozy patio with several warm firepits or in the heavily decorated festive bar area. This Black Lagoon is well executed enough to attract any creature craving a fresh hot spot during this Halloween season. 

Run over to and for more information in October.