Lauren Spencer-Smith sings her heart out at Lincoln Hall

Fri. August 19, 2022 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Previous American Idol contestants visited Chicago to perform at Lincoln Hall and the result was a rousing success. This was not only because of the powerful vocals of Lauren Spencer-Smith and Geena Fontanella, but also the way the duo treated their fans on the evening of August 17, 2022. 

The night began with the talented stylings of California native Geena Fontanella. Singing seems to come naturally to her and it was easy to see why she would be a sought-after vocal coach in her hometown. 

Headliner Lauren Spencer-Smith took to the stage after that with a two-piece band behind her. Both performers had competed on season 18 of the reality show American Idol and have an obvious strong bond with each other. 

Spencer-Smith was born in Britain and grew up in Canada after moving there at three years old. Her flair for tunes and unique personality shined bright in the sold-out intimate venue that night and if she continues on this path this might be the last time to hear her sing live in a space this small. 

Self-releasing tracks on TikTok has certainly paid off for Spencer-Smith and making this an all-ages show was a smart move. When she inquired about how many people in the room are under 18, more than half of the crowd raised their hands. Attendees were mostly of the female persuasion with a smattering of gay fellas mixed in. 

They bunched up toward the front of the stage to hear her catalog of work including "Flowers" and "I'd Like to Know." In between singing, she spoke directly to the barrage of fans pressed against the stage. 

She took photos, signed merchandise and sang "Happy Birthday" more than once to those around her. She navigated songs while attending to the listeners that continued to demand more. At one point she exclaimed, "I just can't say no to any of you!" 

Her voice was simply spectacular to listen to and "Narcissist" was the perfect vehicle to spotlight all of her skills. The lyrics really spoke to those that have experienced being gaslit before and many people sang along. 

Fontanella returned to the stage and it was the break that Spencer-Smith needed to take the focus off of her for a bit. She was at moments overwhelmed by her following, but she will learn in time the balance of the give and take that fans can bring. On this tour, Lauren Spencer-Smith is growing just like many "Flowers" and that was a joy to see in the Windy City. 

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