The Cannabis Cup comes back to Chicago

Tue. July 26, 2022 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

The High Times Cannabis Cup is a festival held in Amsterdam every November. The festival has roots in Illinois because cannabis rights activist Steven Hager was born in Champaign-Urban and founded the festival in 1988. He eventually became editor of High Times magazine and changed the direction of the publication to focus on marijuana, not other drugs. 

In 2010, the Cannabis Cup floated over to the United States thanks to the legalization of the product in California, Seattle, Denver and Michigan. This is the third year for Illinois to partake in the party and festivities. 

Ascend Cannabis Dispensary-Chicago Logan Square, 2367 N. Milwaukee Avenue is one of the 20 locations in Illinois where judges can pick up the kits. The entrance to this pot hot spot is on one side of the block and the exit is on the opposite side. Look for bustling activity inside at high times of the day with plenty of space and friendly staff. 

Inside the kits, there will be a judging card with a specific code for the individual. There are three categories for medical judging including standard flower, vape pens and edibles. Recreational guests have eight categories ranging from pre-rolls to concentrates. Relax in da couch with indica or wake up with sativa strains. There are hybrids if you can decide between the two!

There are many brands to experiment with but don't worry, fellow potheads, there is plenty of time to explore what is offered in the various kits. Kick back with Beboe's vape pen with a stylish presentation providing an easy smoke or a heavier grainy flavor provided by Alchemy.

Aeriz, an aeroponic company, has put its money where its mouth is by being a presenting sponsor for High Times Cannabis Cup so keep the good times rolling by purchasing such amazing and innovative products offered at dispensaries everywhere. 

Spectra showed the wave of the future with a V-RSO, or Vapable Rick Simpson Oil, presented in a modern pen that was both tasty and smooth.  

Smoke, vote and find out the winners at the award show on Sunday, September 4, 2022, at 4:20 p.m. central time. Visit for more information on locations and securing the bag, a sporty backpack kit full of products. The website is easy to navigate and the judging component is a lot of fun. Take lots of notes and enjoy the ride!