Take off your clothes and stay a while in Palm Springs

Sun. June 5, 2022 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Looking for a place to cool down and relax in the Sonoran Desert? Well, Palm Springs has many options to choose from, so look for one that suits your authentic style and attitude. 

For a broad overview book a Mod Squad tour at Throughout this day trip, visitors will learn bits of history and see the highlights of architecture on several historic properties guided by the very knowledgeable and professional Kurt Cyr. 

For a first-rate breakfast look no further than the Descanso Resort with top-notch service at the walk-up window by the pool. The newly refurbished hotel combines a modern and retro feel at the same time contained within a slick, open courtyard retreat. Craving a little sausage in the morning? Wake up to both nudists and clothed patrons who gather around the pool to make new friends while sipping Starbucks-supplied coffee offered right inside a self-service section of the breakfast nook. A guava mimosa could be the best way to start your day in a place that is appropriately named as the Spanish word descanso translates to "rest" in English!

The Santiago Resort has the largest pool in Palm Springs where visitors gather to take in the sun. The two-man outdoor shower and free bike rentals are little touches that certainly add up. There are 23 rooms for rent and the decor inside each stylish abode has a modern European flair to it. 

The Desert Paradise Resort Hotel has its own unique feel with a focus on the outdoor common areas that will soothe your soul thanks to plenty of shade and garden fountains. This clothing-optional private property has a dry sauna, a steam room and an outdoor massage table opportunity to partake in. A surrounding hedge will cover your bush and create a safe environment for any traveler. 


Several resorts have closed since I last visited Palm Springs in 2015, such as the straight clientele-focused POSH and the lesbian hot spot Casitas Laquitas. The hotel landscape in southern California is ever-changing and has faced challenges like many businesses did during a pandemic. 

New owners continue to migrate to the Sonoran Desert and try their luck at running a resort. This usually invokes a brand new name to the establishment and creates a new vibe to the overall environment. As one can imagine, some owners are better at this than others. Some continue to invest in their new property with improvements and some just run it into the ground. Management, cleanliness and amenities all matter to guests who have many choices on where they want to stay while seeking tranquility. 


As one propriety closes a new one opens and there's already plenty of hype for RuPaul Drag Racer Trixie Mattel's investment that is opening soon in Palm Springs. Mattel has her queer eye on a pink party place that will surely have fans gagging well into the future. Wear a wig and score a free drink while staying in a luxurious eye popping suite. A reality show called Trixie Motel covering the makeover process of building her fabulous business just debuted on Discovery+ at the beginning of June. 

For more options and ideas fly over to and Just tell them a Nunn sent you to find a heavenly place on earth!