Set course for an aquatic adventure with Knot My Boat Charters

Wed. May 18, 2022 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Looking to enjoy the waterfront and take in unbelievable views while cruising out on Lake Michigan? Well, Knot My Boat Charters is a fabulous Chicago boat rental company with various offerings for guests who are looking to enjoy a trip on the water. 

This crew will really float your boat as they provide top-notch service while leaving their patrons thirsty for more. Their talented team brings over 15 years of boating and hospitality experience to the table and promises to make each customer feel safe in a watery home away from home. 

Although clients are not allowed to spend the night on the vessels because of Coast Guard rules, there are many other options and ideas to choose from while creating a festive atmosphere on the lake.

Knot My Boat Charters offer three size options to choose from in a fleet of 15 different boats. Keep the budget on the low side with the 33-foot Sport cruiser size for smaller gatherings, choose the Premium layout for midsize parties or pick the 56-foot Luxe alternative complete with four entertainment zones and a sound system to jam out to.

Suggestions range from special holidays and celebrations to corporate events depending on the needs of the group who purchase the packages from the website. The sky is the limit in terms of what the experience could possibly be!

This boat has a tipping point as well and guests are encouraged to leave a gratuity for all involved with the captain based on the charter price. The captain is not hired through Knot My Boat Charters so please work that out directly with the person in charge. If cash is not on hand ask about credit cards, Zelle or Venmo to show appreciation for excellent service. 

Carry on your own beverages and food as these are not supplied, although disposables and refrigeration definitely are. A living room, bathroom and kitchen are part of all three levels of amenities no matter what is decided. If you are a size queen and looking for the largest package request the Big Johnson! 

Don't be left sitting on the dock of the bay as each tour leaves promptly on time to keep the daily flow going. Beware of typing in "3155 S Lake Shore Drive" as GPS will default to 3155 N Lake Shore Drive instead because of a glitch in its system. Try using "31st Street Harbor" and be guided to the right area. There are both indoor and outdoor parking options nearby the boatyard and within walking distance. 

Wave goodbye to your troubles while out on the water and have some fun in the sun with this friendly company today! For more information and to begin booking your adventure visit