Doctor Strange 2 casts a spell in theaters on May 6

Tue. May 3, 2022 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Dr. Stephen Strange is back for more in the sequel to 2016's Doctor Strange and his control issues are showing. It may feel like a long time for ticketholders to finally see Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness after our universe went crazy from COVID. This endeavor is more in keeping with the Marvel timeline as compared to the wonky Black Widow movie that didn't follow the Marvel rollout correctly.

Strange magically teleports across different numbered universes thanks to a new character named America Chavez, an out Latina lesbian superhero with special powers.

Xochitl Gomez fits the role perfectly and injects the franchise with some young, fresh blood. Bring on the Young Avengers already! This long setup is almost complete for what will surely be an entertaining new Avengers adventure for teenagers.

There are many crossover artists and the MCU seems to be hitting its stride with the massive amount of Hollywood talent it has been attracting. That is all part of the fun to see who will join next and people that spoil those cameos online should be called out for the attention-seeking people they are. Patrons should be allowed to enjoy the rollercoaster ride without knowing what will happen next.

Just know Benedict Cumberbatch was a wise choice to play the title necromancer. He displays just the right amount of humor and delivery of lines to keep the Strange hero likable. The charismatic Elizabeth Olsen also has all the right moves as the emotional Scarlet Witch.

The device of using different universes in the plot has busted open the door on past franchises and possibilities over a few Marvel movies recently. The problem is that tearing down this wall can sometimes betray the audience's emotions and believability. Comic books were famous for bringing dead characters back to life and this is beginning to happen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well.

Another foreseeable problem the creators may run into with spectators is the sheer amount of backstory that is required from multiple films and television shows. This makes it challenging for new viewers to hop on board when watching a flick such as Doctor Strange 2. If followers haven't seen WandaVision on Disney+ or Spider-Man: No Way Home in theaters then they may have trouble being engaged in the ongoing plot.

For diehard fans such as myself, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness ranks closer to the recent Spider-Man movie than Morbius' blood-sucking epic fail. Someone recently asked me if I ever thought being gay would be accepted in society the way it is today when I was little. I said no and didn't even think superheroes would be accepted the way they currently are in 2022. Back in the '80s, a comic shop was similar to walking into an adult bookstore and we were shamed as nerds by our peers.

It was a boys club that was ostracized and bullied by others, females were almost completely left out back then. Today we can celebrate the things that make us different and it is finally cool to immerse ourselves in a different world. That's the real magic that Doctor Strange and his amazing friends now cast upon audiences. We can celebrate America for being immigrated into the MCU and wearing that beautiful rainbow pin on a red, white and blue decorated jean jacket!

Fly into a theater near you on May 6 to see Marvel Studios' Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness on the big screen. Waiting for it to stream and watching it on an iPhone would definitely not be the same magical experience!