Skin in the Game takes a Chance on Chicago

Fri. April 8, 2022 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

A new exhibition opened in Chicago on April 6 at 400 N. Peoria called Skin in the Game. This diverse group of artists and their works were curated by Zoe Lukav and produced by Abby Pucker. 

The vibe was fun and friendly in the groovy layout of the two-story space. Guests were invited to explore the various hallways and corridors that led to a large party room. The open bars held long lines as eager art lovers waited for drinks and munched on tacos and appetizers. 

Striking sculptures and 3D art had fans snapping pictures with their phones for Instagram as word quickly spread about this massive endeavor in Chicago. 

The idea of Skin in the Game first came into fruition in Miami, Florida for Art Week in 2021. The concept and realization of the project seemed right at home in a city known for all races and identities. 

There was queer representation from photographer Carlos Betancourt with depictions of himself and his lover Alberto LaTorre. Portrait of a Dream combined coffee with eroticism in front of scenic landscapes. 

Other photography from the LGBTQ+ community included Tosh Basco with Safi's Pup. The artist own words described it as "lesbian porn" that documents herself and her lovers in creative ways. 

Los Angeles artist Micol Hebron displayed male nipples in collaboration with Playboy which brought out the playful side of attendees in a separate room. Yvette Mayorga combined cake decorating techniques with paint to make layered creations that popped from the background. 

Later in the evening, Brendan Fernandes choreographed a performance involving swings and cultural dance. A DJ played tunes while local entertainer Chance the Rapper made an appearance and danced to the music in front of a crowded venue. 

It was a night that celebrated the very best in various mixed mediums and materials within a large space that could still barely contain it all. 

The exhibition runs now through April 24 with over 40 local and international artists. For more information visit