Things to do in Lake Geneva this fall

Wed. October 27, 2021 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

The resort town of Lake Geneva in Wisconsin has many activities to interest visitors, but the trick is finding them all. As people drive into town they may notice large signs advertising the Tristan Crist Magic Theatre. Word of mouth is good for the show, but the limited hours can make attending a challenge.

Luckily, I pivoted to find another noteworthy excursion with the Safari Lake Geneva, W1612 Litchfield Road. Not too far out of the way lies a wildlife park that will excite any age. There are 800 acres of habitat to drive through and interact with animals.

The staff here do a great job of explaining the rules and warning guests about possible mishaps. The car might get messy with food as the animals have a ravenous, unfocused appetite.

Slow down and enjoy the experience as exotic animals come right up to your vehicle and you can feed them from a bucket. I stayed away from the peckish ostriches, but having a zebra head inside my car was a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Visit to make a reservation for a wild time!

Another fun thing to experience while in this area is the American Ghost Walks tour in downtown Lake Geneva. Once again, limited hours may deter people from a night of exploring landmarks and hearing scary stories along the way. There are several to choose from at

While downtown, check out the quaint square with department stores such as the Cornerstone Shop & Gallery at 214 Broad Street.

Geneva Gifts had a few items for sale pertaining to the LGBTQ+ community, but having no gay bars seemed like a missed opportunity. There was mention of a drag brunch but the venue was closing, so hopefully, the brunch finds a new home. Out-of-towners want to feel welcome and included. The excuse of being a small town just doesn't fly and this could be a goldmine for the right investor. Until then, there's the dating apps and the Sugar Shack to tide us over!

The Grand Geneva Resort and Spa can help tourists learn their way around with tours around the town that even include lunch. Be sure and click over to for water options as well when planning a visit.

There's really something for everyone in Lake Geneva, travelers just need to know where to find it. With a little bit of preplanning, sightseers can make an unforgettable trip!

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