Van Gogh for All visits the Mag Mile

Fri. August 13, 2021 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Van Gogh for All is true to its name with something for everyone. There's plenty for the adults to do with all the photo opportunities throughout the new location at 333 N. Michigan Avenue. Remember the old idea of "look, but don't touch?" Well, this is a look and do touch experience, as visitors can explore and examine all they like. Things are glued down, so there are no free souvenirs, but people can get a real feel for how things were back in Van Gogh's times.

The Dutch post-impressionist painter lived a troubled life and never saw his success to grow to even close to what it is now. His suicide at only 37 years old after depression lies in stark contrast to the beautiful painted sunflowers that he is known for.

Not to be confused with the Van Gogh Exhibit Chicago: The Immersive Experience, Van Gogh for All is clear across town. This location is more suited for tourists that stroll along the Magnificent Mile. It is prime real estate for the traveling exhibit that is focused on the artist's work in the time he was in Arles, Saint-Remy and Auvers sur Oise.

Vang Gogh for All was curated by the Dolores Kohl Education Foundation and designer David Christopher Krause.

The layout includes an interactive projection of the popular painting Starry Night. There are stations for ticket holders to create their own works of art, no matter what the age. Patrons can climb inside the bed of Van Gogh with a cozy room located right in the front of the exhibit.

Get framed as you step into a picture that is perfect for Instagram as one becomes part of the art.

Stroll along the actual rooms while getting a sense of what it would be like to be a part of Van Gogh's world. Van Gogh for All caotures magic moments that are stuck in time for the 2021 crowd.

Sign up now for a 45 minute experience with prices ranging from $10-$20 at today!