Gone with the WNDR

Mon. May 31, 2021 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

The WNDR Museum is a multi-sensory experience full of art installations located at 1130 W Monroe Street. The space now has extended hours and is open seven days a week. Be prepared for long lines and crowded areas on the weekends with this being a very popular place to explore. Bring a friend to take pictures or a date that has an eye for art and adventure. 

The WNDR has something for everyone and the staff is helpful and friendly along the way. They also keep the museum very clean so expect them to be wiping areas down all the time as people enter and exit spaces. 

The first room was a bit strange and needs a boost, but things quickly pick up in the following room. The hallway with binary numbers is strong photo opportunity though. Even the bathroom begs for a picture with designs all over the walls. 

A slanted white room will blow your mind with its perspective and a disc wall is almost too much for the eyes. The sensory room I could have spent all day in relaxing, but time was up and we had to move on. 

Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama has limited everyone to one minute in her mirror room. It takes more time to put on the booties over your shoes than you will spend inside. 

The Wisdom Project encourages guests to write messages and place them on a wall to leave something behind for others towards the end of the experience. 

There is a new shop at the end of the experience that will house a rotating list of local artists and nonprofit organizations, alongside some WNDR branded merchandise. 

As people exit they will see a beautiful wall dedicated to AIDS activist and artist Keith Haring. His art is right outside the venue and is worth one last look.

See why Chicago has gained so many fans of WNDR in the West Loop at The WNDR is always evolving, so make plans to visit today to see something new!