Brace yourself with SelfSafe

Sun. January 31, 2021 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Founded by Chicago area locals, including Wayne Citron of Highland Park, SelfSafe is a waterproof bracelet that stores personal information with a hidden USB device inside. SelfSafe users can visit to enter information into a password protected website.

Along with emergency medical information, there are also opportunities to input other valuable items such as travel documents and credit card numbers. Think of it as a virtual wallet right on your arm. 

SelfSafe is for Windows users only though, so that cuts out a large amount of the possible audience. For the device to be a success it would need to be widelt distributed and navigated easily. Airports could one day have either a way to plug in the USB or scan it somehow directly to gather information.

This is a time where customers look for ease of use in accessories and convenience. Healthcare workers knowing about the device would be helpful in certain situations adding to the value of what the bracelet can do. The trick is for SelfSafe to grow into larger distribution and have more bells and whistles to the device, in general, to really catch on to consumer's growing need for handy gadgets. 

SelfSafe is $29.95 and is available on the website [] or by calling 844-731-8091.