Wonder Woman 1984 Swoops Into AT&T Store

Mon. January 18, 2021 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

It has been a challenging year for movies that were released during a pandemic in a time where visiting theaters could possibly be hazardess to one's health. The sequel to the hit film Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman 1984 was delayed several times before the eventual December 2020 release on HBO Max, with a few theaters insisting on screening it. This left many armchair critics sitting back and judging part two harshly from their homes. While not on the same level of bad as 2018's stinky Aquaman, Wonder Woman 1984 seemed to leave longtime fans wanting a bit more. Many were impressed with the beginning scenes on the island of Themyscira, but the overblown running time and floundering villians just didn't keep the momentum going for some viewers. Still, Gal Gardot as Wonder Woman remained virtually unscathed and ready for more adventures in the now planned third movie to the franchise.

To coax people out of the house, the Michigan Avenue AT&T Flagship store, at 600 N. Michigan Ave. in Chicago, has teamed up with HBO Max to create a unique experience that is up close and personal while still being safe and following protocols. A huge logo greets visitors as soon as they walk in the door. Helpful greeters can show shoppers around the very impressive pop up housed in the store and answer any questions that they might have.

Pose for a photo with the Wonder Woman wings that can be quickly beamed right into your phone. Statues of the stars, along with their original costumes in protective glass boxes, are curated around the venue. There is an old school comic book shop that will have msny reminiscing their younger days and digitized comics in the back to peruse through with the swipe of a finger.

Play games, such as the lasso of truth challenge, and learn about the history of Wonder Woman while exploring rare collectables along the way. While supplies last, grab some HBO Max swag, after filling out a brief questionaire, including an exclusive comic made for AT&T. The Wonder Woman bag is worth the trip right there and many longtime fans would have paid money for a well placed experience such as this one that is graciously offered for free in the massive space.

Jump in your invisible jet and fly down to the Maginficent Mile to check it out before the princess leaves town on Feb. 28, 2021. For store hours and directions please visit


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