New Hot Sauce Goes Bang!

Sat. November 14, 2020 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

The year 2020 has been challenging for many and the music business has definitely suffered right along with us. The usual ways of touring and interacting personally with fans was not a possibility for musicians after a newly pandemic ravaged our world in March, so singers had to come up with new ways to stay relevant from a distance for months.

I immediately gravitated to the band AJR when they debuted their album The Click and even more with the Neotheater record in 2019. The three brothers Adam, Jack and Ryan Metzger had a style that reminded me of the quirky They Might Be Giants, but made for a whole new generation. Songs such as the catchy "Beats" and the unique childhood sadness of "Don't Throw Out My Legos" all felt like they were speaking directly to me as a listener. "Sober Up" was released when I gave up drinking and I was able to tell the trio about it on the beach one day at an interview before they played an energetic live set along Lake Shore Drive.

The rocking single "Bang!" has now inspired a hot sauce thanks to a collaboration with the company Small Axe Peppers. Each bottle of Bang! Hot Sauce contributes to funding for local farmers and gardeners who grow the ingredients in more than 30 community gardens. Being from New York, the brothers wanted to do some good in the world around them while spicing up cuisine all at the same time. It's going to be a cold winter, but Bang! will warm up bellies fast thanks to a combination of peppers mixed into the five ounce bottle.

Put some hot sauce in your bag by visiting Bang! packs a punch, so proceed with caution!

Bop to "Bang!" here:

AJR at least have the massive BMG company to release and support their music, but many artists don't have that luxury. Look to Chicago local, queer, Latin artists such as Babyylo and Dany Weisman who planned to release songs in 2020 when disaster suddenly struck.

Babyylo is a young, new artist who blends hip hop and soul music into one complete sound. When she belts out traditional music from Mexico, those are the true moments that she truly shines and shows her versatility, much like a fledgling Lila Downs. The braided performer sang a few tracks and debuted her new video "Whatchu Want Mami" at a recent listening party at The Luxur in Pilsen as touring was not an option.

Check out the video here:

Another Chicago listening party, this time at Grammy Award winning Peter CottonTale's studio on Milwaukee Avenue, was just held to promote a new video for rapper Mr. Pope and his featured singer Dany Weisman. The duo have created a heartfelt musical story depicting the struggles of life for an individual that many can identify with today. Weisman brings his Cuban heritage to the chorus of the song that channels Puerto Rican talent Marc Anthony in terms of soaring vocals. Sign me up for a warm, tropical, salsa album, Weisman!

View the new video at this link:

In an uncertain and ever changing landscape for musicians to perform in, these artists may indeed grow in new ways. Being forced to work on their craft indoors and without disctractions may possibly improve their upcoming work in the future. We can only sit tight and see what they do next. Follow them on their various social media platforms to see what happens in 2021!


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