Pump Up Your System with 23Vitals

Sun. October 18, 2020 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

We are heading into flu and cold season, so now is the time to defend our immune systems. The immunity product 23Vitals was created by founder Tom Elliott to improve the population's health.

This dietary supplement contains 30 servings for $99.00 or a regular subscription discounts the price by10 percent. Two flavors are offered with strawberry lemonade or orange creamsicle.

With one scoop, once a day, 23Vitals promises to boost a person's immune response to the challenges that are currently out there in the world. Healthy blood flow, blood cloting balance and microbiome health are all part of the package.

The ingredients include North American Larch tree extract for immunity, essential amino acid to increase anti-bodies and extracts of black pepper, Aloe vera plants and probiotic bacterial strains all in the mix. Keep in mind, like many supplements, 23Vitals is not vegan friendly with the bovine colostrum and milk protein used in the recipe.

After sampling it for a few weeks, the product tastes fine and has added to my regular routine of taking care of myself during a pandemic. While 23Vitals doesn't cure some of the major problems we face, it certainly can't hurt as we approach a very rocky road in history where there is not enough safety protocols or infomation provided to the general public. Balancing our systems with a daily dose can stimulate the defenses we need today and that is a good thing working for 23Vitals program.

Visit today to order this powerful product and make it part of a new daily routine.


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