C2E2 heads Onward

Sun. March 8, 2020 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo returned once again to McCormick Place with even more attendees. Cosplay popularity has grown since the convention started in Chicago in 2010. Along with that comes a crowning championship evey year. For 2020, Blood Priestess Bathory took home the top prize of $5,000.

A variety of characters in costumes danced with the DJ right at the entrance to C2E2 celebrating their uniqueness. It was a time for the average person to feel like a star as people lined up for photos with their creative looks.

Comic creator Jim Lee was featured on the mainstage to talk about new developments for DC on Saturday Feb. 29. On Sunday, Avengers star Mark Ruffalo spoke at a panel and Star Trek's William Shatner followed him afterwards speaking to the crowds.

There was plenty of shopping, free comics and new products to be sampled such as Monster Energy's coffee drink.

Start saving the dates for March 26-28 in 2021 as C2E2 returns next year. Fly over to to sign up for email updates and don't miss any upcoming announcements.

For another fantasy happening, head to the movie theater to check out Onward. Besides the awkward movie title and story of not fitting in, this tale of two elf brothers may tug at your heart.

Tom Holland and Chris Pratt lead a diverse cast of voices in the new Pixar movie.

This story is especially geared for young boys, but a wide range of ages and genders can certainly enjoy it.

Lena Waithe even slips in talking about her girlfriend as a one eyed cyclops policewoman and Octavia Spencer chews up every scene she has as The Manticore.

Those of us that played Dungeons & Dragons, like myself, will get all the inside nerdy jokes such as the gelatinous cube bit that runs throughout.

If your young one is looking for advernture or the inner kid in you misses your childhood, then jump in your van and speed over toward Onward!


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