Jingle Ball Brings Bros

Fri. December 20, 2019 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

The Jingle Ball presented by 103.5 KISSFM at the AllState Arena had the right combination of artists to sell out the huge space on Dec. 18. While some of the performers only had time for a few songs to strut their stuff, each of them stood out in their own way.

The night began and ended with brothers performing for fans and the high pitched reaction screams were deafening throughout the evening. Roscoe's Tavern was one of the sponsors to the night's festivities representing the gay attendees in the building.

Adam, Jack and Ryan Met, or better known as AJR, have so much energy and should not be missed if you get a chance to see them live. Their music is quirky and while much of the KISSFM audience might not be their crowd, they were determined to have a nerdy good time.

Zara Larsson held out an impressive long note during her set and had dancers accompany her to cheers from the audience. Lewis Capaldi sold himself a little short by describing himself as a "one-hit wonder" when he's already on the fast track with a new song and could be the next Ed Sheeran if he plays his cards right. Some attended Jingle Ball just to see more of this Scottish singer before he returns to the AllState on May 9.

French Montana cancelled his appearance, but this gave more time to the boy band Why Don't We, who have stepped up their game since a past Jingle Ball appearance. They were so fun to mingle with on the red carpet in the past and their fans have become ravenous for their well written singles. They sang to a Macklemore video since he was not in attendance. NF should have come out to cover it.

Speaking of boy bands, Niall Horan has definitely left One Direction behind in favor of more artistic tracks. He began rocking a guitar, instead of simple, light, fluffy pop music and seemed more concerned with showing off his live concert skills and promoting his future show than anything else. He brought Lewis Capaldi back onstage to sing a cover of Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream." It was a big highlight to the night and made everyone look forward to the surprises in store for the upcoming Nice to Meet Ya Tour.

Another artist known for his initials, NF, instead of his real name Nathan John Feuerstein, seemed an odd choice for the show. He was channeling Eminem in style and demeanor, choosing to be a little too artsy for the crowd, but overall it was refreshing to see that he doesn't try to fit in a box. The rapper, singer and songwriter continues to make interesting music that promises a bright future for him.

The night closed with the Jonas Brothers playing their pop music. In a time where the world gets heavy, these three know how to keep things light and "Cool." Their fans filled the arena to the rafters and the trio left everyone feeling satisfied after a well planned out radio promotion that surely entertained.


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