Rum Fest Educates Enthusiasts

Mon. April 10, 2017 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

For the third year in a row presented the Midwest Rum Festival at Logan Square Auditorium on April 8.

It was a perfect time for rum fans to educate themselves about the different brands. The event was not overly crowded and the vendors really took their time with guests.

We started with This is Stolen the world's first smoked rum. It was recently featured at a Chicago Mod Magazine party and then at the first table for Rum Fest. It was a unique taste that is trying to reinvent this niche spirit.

Onstage there was a busy competition where bartenders showed their skills. There were guest speakers and demonstrations throughout the afternoon.

Tiburon Rum hired a Captain Jack Sparrow lookalike to entertain at their table. Samples were in abundance and lots of fun items to take home as souvenirs. We learned how Havana Club is now part of the Bacardi dynasty and Ron Abuelo puts a grandfather right on the label. Mount Gay was gay friendly to us and Foursquare was a favorite. Plantation Rum had a cute Frenchie, and Zacapa had a high end taste.

There could have been more food at the festival. I knew it would be rum focused but this seemed like an excellent opportunity to highlight a restaurant paired with the samples. Desserts would be a perfect match for some of the fruitier offereings.

The space worked well for the event and made for a nice relaxing getaway.

Visit to start planing for next year's fourth annual tradition.