Sweet Deal Hits Chicago

Fri. June 3, 2016 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

The Sweets & Snacks Expo returned again to Chicago for a three day event from May 24-26 in 2016. The McCormick Place spot was filled to brim and bigger than ever with sugar in every corner.

Once again free samples were everywhere to be had by the business people that attended.

There was no grumpy cat this year but superheroes were the rage this time out. Batman fought with Superman and Wonder Woman was caught in the middle at their booth promoting candy.

Big Foot ran rampant and games were played to try to win a Jack Link t-shirt. Their beef jerky was tasty filling the protein void.

There were artists making chocolate sculptures and jellybean art in various stations in the enormous space.

Mars was well represented with a huge display and treats handed to people walking by.

From my hometown of Tennessee Goo Goo Clusters made me feel homesick and is always so delicious. This company from Nashville has been around since 1912 and combines marshmellows with caramel and milk chocolate.

The best part of the expo was the all the fun games around the room that made getting a sample more interactive than walking up to a booth and grabbing loot.

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The Sweet & Snacks Expo continues on but look for it again next year with more information at