Una Noche en De Noche Mexicana

Fri. February 5, 2016 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Transforming from D'Noche, which was the dinner concept for Cafe Con Lech is now De Noche Mexicana after 4:30 p.m.

Chef Antonio Del Real was on hand to explain the menu and was really helpful at a recent party the venue had. He brings Mexico City high end cuisine combining it with his past resume of places like Chicago Cut Steakhouse and Carlucci.

A few favorites from the previous menu have been kept like the Ropa Vieja and empanadas. Who doesn't like a dish named after "old clothes?"

The best thing from what I tried recently was the Pollo Relleno, which is a stuffed chicken with goat cheese and spinach inside.

For starters don't miss the enfrijoladas and the housemade bread pudding is an excellent dessert.

You have to love mezcal for their twist on the Moscow mule with a smoky taste. If you enjoy cucumber drinks they offer an old fashion containing tequila , cherry, lemon, and bitters.

Why not just stick with a standard margarita in two sizes instead? The staff will also help pair cocktails with any food on the menu including dessert. Locally, 5 Rabbit beer was a good choice with several entrees.

De Noche Mexicana is located at 2710 N. Milwaukee Avenue in the bustling area that can be tricky parking at times so make sure to partake in the free spots around the corner. Let them know you parked there just to be safe.

Reservations for dinner are possible by calling 773-289-4274. Visit for information and enjoy your night there!