September 26-October 2, 2013

Thu. September 26, 2013 12:00 AM
by Sukie de la Croix

Gay life in Chicago this week, back in ...


The Reader publishes a "Guide to Chicago Gay Life."


Vincent Price as Oscar Wilde in "Diversions and Delights" by John Gay, directed by Joseph Hardy, is at the Studebaker Theatre, 418 S. Michigan.


IMAGE: Ranch – Gay Chicago August 16, 1979

Parents and Friends of Gays, a support group sponsored by Mattachine Midwest, meets at 100 E. Ohio, Room 236. The group hopes to educate parents about the gay lifestyle, help to undo some of the damage done to gays by society, and form a network so that parents can talk to one another and relieve some of their guilt feelings and mistaken notions.


The Powder Puff Revue appears at the Silver Shadow Show Lounge, 339 E. Garfield.


An article on the cover of Gay Life this week begins:

"Anita Bryant is on the road again with her anti-gay campaign. An appearance in Joplin, Mo., at a rally organized by the Rev. Cecil Todd is being followed by a singing engagement at a Rally for Decency in Indianapolis on Friday, October 7. The rally, which is being sponsored by State Representative Donald Boys and 2 Baptist ministers, will be picketed by members of the Gay People's Union of Indiana and the Coalition for Human Rights."


In the bars and clubs, every week you can see the TV show "Dynasty" at the LA Connection, 3700 N. Halsted; Blue Island's Party Bar for Gay Men and Women, 131 Club, 13126 S. Western, hold a lip synch contest every Sunday; Coconuts, 5246 N. Broadway, presents La Femme Wednesday for women only, with an open bar from 10:00 p.m. till 12:00; Monday-Friday it's Happy Hour 5-8 p.m. at Act III, 855 W. Belmont; it's Woody Allen month at Berlin, 946 W. Belmont, and showing this week is "Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex, But Was Afraid to Ask."


IMAGE: Man's Country – Gay Chicago September 4, 1997

The Lesbian and Gay Film Festival at the Music Box Theatre, begins to wind down with a series of gay-related film and video shorts. Included are: "What Can I Do With a Male Nude," a wickedly funny look at the male body, satirizing the situations in which the male nude is permissible. Also featured are "Swamp," "Silent Moments," and "Beauties Without a Cause."


Music Playlist by Teri Bristol of Medusa's, Orbit Room and Smart Bar: 1) "Vouleu Vou Coucher Avec Moi" – BAF; 2) "Gift (LP)" – Sisterhood; 3) "Two of China (Remix)" – Los Ninos; 4)"When I Think of You" – Janet Jackson; 5) "Sample That" – Bang Orchestra; 6) "Gun Shy (LP)" – Screaming Blue Messiahs; 7) "Babies" – Real Life; 8) "Bach to the Future" – Latin Rascala; 9) "Missionary Man" – Eurythmics; 10) "Rain" – Oran (Juice) Jones.


Jacqueline Taylor presents "On Being An Exemplary Lesbian: My Life As a Role Model" at Broadway United Methodist Church, 3344 N. Broadway.


IMAGE: Nightlines Cover – Nightlines September 29, 1999

James St. James signs his funny new book, "Disco Bloodbath: A Fabulous But True Tale of Murder in Clubland," at Unabridged Books.


Article in this week's Outlines begins:

"Chicago's non-profit Children's Memorial Hospital has joined a growing list of businesses and organizations nationwide which are adding domestic-partner benefits for same-sex partners of employees.

"The Children's partners plan begins Jan. 1, 2000, and will only include gays and lesbians. Some companies have opted to include unmarried heterosexuals in coverage."


In Outlines' Quotelines this week:

"I'm Queer and I'm proud but I'm also mentally ill–so don't expect me to be a role model. I must be gayly incorrect. I'm perhaps the only gay man who has never been to the baths or the gym–I've done much worse. But certainly I can't be your leader." – John Waters.


"Sometimes, to tell the truth, it seems like there's nothing holding gays and lesbians together except political expediency, and that we'll kiss each other goodbye the instant we think no one's looking any more." – syndicated gay columnist, Simon LeVay.


Article in Outlines reads:

"United Airlines has become the first airline to target the gay and lesbian market with a national ad campaign. Although they have run ads in the gay media before, this is a specifically targeted campaign, featuring creative ads from United's national ad agency."


Trans star Lady Chablis attends the "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" concert with Margaret Whiting, Kevin Mahogany, and more, at the Chicago Theatre.


The Illinois Federation's "A Statement for Freedom" benefit features local lesbigay talent is at the Park West. MCs are Byron Stewart and Jessica Halem.


Does anyone know anything about the Powder Puff Revue?

Did anyone go to the 131 Club, 13126 S. Western?

Do you agree with Simon LeVay's comment about lesbians and gay men?

Gay Chicago Photo Rewind

A page of Spike King's photographs from Gay Chicago July 30, 1990

Two very dear friends of mine, Kinny Gardner and Alistair MacMillan came to Chicago in 1983. This is from Gay Life.

Women's music from Gay Chicago News August 26, 1977

Here's a line up of local politicos in Windy City Times October 4 1990

Thanks go to publishers Michael Bergeron for Chicago Gay Crusader, Ralph and Craig Gernhardt for Gay Chicago, Grant Ford and Chuck Renslow for Gay Life,Malone Sizelove for Babble/Gab, David Costanza and others for Chicago Free Press, Jeff McCourt for Windy City Times, Stacy Bridges and Mark Nagel for GRAB, and Tracy Baim for all the publications at the Windy City Media Group, which aided the above research. St. Sukie de la Croix is an internationally published reporter, playwright, photographer and historian. He is also the author of Chicago Whispers: A History of LGBT Chicago Before Stonewall published by the University of Wisconsin Press.