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Big Chicks

5024 N Sheridan Road, Chicago, IL 60640

(773) 728-5511

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Great club with down-to-earth people! - CPMatt

OH MY GOD!! Super cute and wonderful spot, with people coming in all flavors...The Abercrombie wearing boys are simply delicious... - HotTeejG

When I want to get away from the Boystown-mix, I enjoy hitting the laid-back atmosphere of Big Chicks. - RyanOH

great place with great employees and a great owner all very personable and great to be around - rimmondo

if you smoke than don't hit big chicks...but if you are young and enjoy din-din and a few drinks than big chicks after tweet is just the order for you. a neighborhood bar to the increasingly youthful andersonville/edgewater set... the aging halsteders be prepared, nu-boyztown is here, at big chicks. - lakeviewrat

I loved this place, I went there a few weeks ago for an event called a Bitch to quit to support a friend that was trying to quit smoking and, I loved the way the staff treated us and I would definatelly go back to support their bar, keep up the great spirit. Vivemehoy - Krazy4U

Great atmosphere. Much prefer this to the Halsted crowded busy bars. People are very laid back and friendly. The bartenders are really cool as well. 5 stars for this neighborhood bar!!! - upsboy