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Pie Hole Pizza Joint

This business is CLOSED.
Information is for archive purposes only.

3477 N Broadway, Boystown, Chicago, IL 60657

(773) 525-8888

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I truly love the Pie Hole experience! They are a fun neighborhood pizza join with YUMMY pizza! The BBQ chicken is my favorite! Props to DJ Doug Brandt! - CPBill

I like this place for the pizza and personality. The staff is awesome and fun. I've been known to grab a pie on the way home from work. Also, a friend introduced me to Doug (the owner), it's my understand that he's been active in the community for years. I say we should support our local business owners! - RyanOH

I live nearby (in the gayborhood), so Pie Hole is the perfect late night place to eat. Or sometimes I grab a pie and take it home after work. Great pizza. - JimmyBoi

I’ve been told that theirs is the best 10 inches in Boystown. Looking at Adam, I can see why! - DaugDawg

Their pizza is damn tasty! - ToBeOrNotToBe

I picked the right night to go to Pie Hole Pizza! It was all you can shove pizza night. Talk about a perfect night for my paycheck! - OldIsOkay

I just love this place! It was warm and had a great neighborhood feel to it. The pizza is tasty too! Adam, the guy who helped me was really sweet and cute. I think he was straight. - Stripes

I love Pie Hole pizza! Doug, the owner, is very friendly and outgoing -- great with customers. The place is perfect to cure a hangover. Plus, try the drag delivery on Tuesdays. - RyanOH