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This business is CLOSED.
Information is for archive purposes only.

3341 N Halsted, Chicago, IL 60657

(773) 871-6227

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Even pretentious would say this place is pretentious. I hate MiniBar with a passion. - kinneticbrian

A personal favorite with a friendly staff... plus Stu, the owner, is a gracious host. Great service, great food and great atmosphere. I highly recommend Minibar. I can't wait to see the new space opening soon! - RyanOH

I've been a few times and each time walk away feeling disappointed. Why so much attitude? Not sure I'll go back. - athleticmatt

Their music is loud. Their guys are hot. Their drinks are strong. What more could you want? - DaugDawg

I was so happy to find out that Minibar has a café! Honestly, their food is really good. They’ve got tasty wines and one of the most incredible cheese platters I’ve ever had. I could eat there every day! - DaugDawg

How can anyone go wrong with the following equation: Cute guys + Hot bartenders + DJ Phil Dabeatz = Minibar - ToBeOrNotToBe

Although I was the oldest guy in the place, everyone was really nice and the bartenders were damn cute! - OldIsOkay

If you are gay, this is your place. There are pretty people everywhere! The staff was really nice to me, and I'm not as pretty as they are. LoL - Stripes

My FAVORITE home away from home! - CPBill

The shirtless bartenders on New Years was a nice touch. I walked into the bar for a drink on my way home. I thought the drinks were a bit overpriced (though my martini was perfectly made) and the crowd was very interesting. I don't think this is a gay hotspot on the Chicago scene. Some of the patrons were friendly and quick to start a conversation. Some, however, kept to themselves and put off an aura of bad attitude. The music was good and the video screens are awesome! I don't think this bar will be on Halstead street for long, so drop in for a quick drink before the place is gone. Don't plan on spending your night at this bar, in fact, I wouldn't even stay for more than one drink. - nu_greg

Cute bar decor..crowd a bit snobby. - jcnomaha