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Lucky Horseshoe Lounge

3169 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60657

(773) 404-3169

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Nest place in Boystown. Bar staff is great and dancers are hreater. Been goig to Horseshoe since 1996. A great place for men. Yet, even women who make fun of gays are servered. May the Horseshoe have many more years of serving the gay community. - grin

A place that feels like home away from home. We miss Sophie tho. - MummieDearest

Sunday july 12 the Lucky Horseshoe was taken over by a herd of broads wearing "SCORES" shirts. What is this? I thought this was a gay bar. Lucky the weren"t raided because I know that some of these broads were under age.....Many of the patron were so disgusted they got up and left. I hope this doesn't happen again. I want to keep Lucky Horseshoe as my favorite. - Hottie123

The Shoe is trashy, but is that a bad thing!?! It's a strip bar! The staff is friendly (for the most part) and the dancers are hot (sometimes). I like to start my night off here and then head north for dancing. - TripletX

Started coming here in 06 and always find some dancers who show me attention. You have to pick and choose , but I always have fun and feel at home with many of the dancers . Every person has his own taste, but I always find some of the guys to be cute , adorable and sexy. I have fooled around with dancers in many cities like New York, Ft. Lauderdale , and Montreal. Lucky HorseShoe dancers are much more humble, friendly and reasonable and not out to hassle you for your money. Just try going to Montreal and you will see what I mean and what they charge there to touch a dancer !! Kudos to the lovely boys at Lucky Horseshoe, and keep up the good work and hiring such a nice variety of good kids !!! - gefen56

I was there for the first time and loved it - HardRoc

Lets be honest.. this place is a landmark to be sure, is not altogether a place of high caliber or reputation. Stopped in with a few friends last Sunday and after paying $25 for four rail drinks, the bartender conveniently lifted the remaining $25 in change off the bar when he "freshened up" the cocktail napkins. Had we not had the guts to ask him where the money went .. he's have kept it under the bar where he had it sitting in case we asked. I won't berate the place ...I don't think this is typical. But I also won't go back. The dancers, although nice to look at, were less than enthused to be there. Who knows.. maybe it was just a bad time to be there. - 911roadking

They are will friendly to me! - Hotstudtx

I always make a point to go there every time I'm downtown not only for the dancers,well at my young age and cute looks? I never got horny with the dancers except for one who just left.I go there because of the friendly bartenders,though there are a few who aren't,and the friendly dancers though not all,probably because they thought I didn't have the money.In general,I feel comfortable staying there.Where is Sean now and Carlos? - pogiako

I think the Lucky Horseshoe is a great Gay Bar the dancers and clientele were very friendly. Otis Bromley - loner