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Las Mananitas

3523 N Halsted Street, Chicago, IL 60657

(773) 525-2109

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Love Mananitas! Very important for a gal from Texas! Great salsa, the queso fundido is great too! Good 'ritas, great ropa vieja and enchiladas verdes!! <3 If you're lucky, Norma will be your waitress:) Also great for ppl watching - both inside this great restau and the ppl on Halsted through their huge windows:) - Kawaiicat7

The BEST margheritas on the strip. Very strong. Great staff. Good enough atmosphere. The carne asada cannot be beat if you are eating healthy. Other food choices have been very good. - athleticmatt

I have never had bad food here. I suppose those of you that don't like it are not very good in ratings. :-D - new2gbman

They get the big "F" for service and the food as someone else mentioned is totally made in advance and then put under a heating lamp. I might as well go to PePe's while I'm at it as the food is more authentic. The waiters are pretentious and visit your table about once as they are too busy gossiping about the patrons...this isn't high school.... - plato712

Well, looks like the first guy to review Las Mananitas was obviously knee deep in Margarita juice and willing to explore the pleasures of man to man lovin' while his poor wife sat at home cryin' and too busy to realize that the food here is a little, how do I put this? Scary, at times and ok, others. Granted, Las Mananitas does have some of the best property for summer swillin' outside but aside from that, nothing else. I'm always tempted to check in the kitchen to see if they have plates of food ready to go just in case someone orders one that they have already prepared. The food comes out to you a mere few minutes after you order. At least, that is my experience. Maybe it's the margaritas making time fly, whatever it is, I don't know. Either way, I will always come here for a lazy summer afternoon. Enjoy a pitcher of Mag's with my honey and share a plate of nachos. Then head home for some real food. - surferinchig