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I agree with the review from J.J., Danny seems to have a great following, every time I have gone to meet friends at Jackhammer he always has a smile and is ready to get you a drink. I noticed when Danny‚Äôs shift ends so does the fun, the place usually empties out. The other bartenders seem friendly, but they are more interested in a friend at the other end of the bar. The back area is great, I am surprised the management staff did not move the dance floor in that area, the front gets a little too overwhelming and hard to enter and exit on the weekends. Regardless, we have always had a good time, just seems a lot more fun when Danny is working! - Mockingbird

Jackhammer has its moments; they have done a great job with the improvements and opening the back end, the space. Danny has always been very friendly and has always had a smile each time we have gone, The management staff needs another Danny for the later shift, seems the evening guys usually are not as fast to serve you unless they know you. Parking across the street is a huge plus since it is free! - Fruit_Loop