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This business is CLOSED.
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1932 E Higgins Rd, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

(847) 439-8840

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Editor's Review   Princess Darby’s Night Out

The choice for a quick night out was Hunters located in Elk Grove Village. (1932 E. Higgins, (847)-439-8840). Don’t ask me how to get there, all I remember was seeing outlet stores I frequented. (Princess Darby loves to shop!).

The large brightly lit sign is hard to miss. It reminded me of a banquet hall or Denny’s sign, but not as colorful.

The parking lot is huge, but not a huge as a few egos and other things which I can imagine. (There also was some entertainment in the lot, but I didn’t look.) This was a sign that this is a popular spot.

As you enter, there is a regular coat-check with the glass container for tips. I would think that the container would be full, but given the lack of warmth and smiles, I was not surprised it had only a single in it. Saying “hello”, I quickly put my tip in the container, took my ticket like a good Princess, and amusingly eyeballed the entertainment.

My hosts and I toured the bar areas and dance floor-which I was eager to get on! I noticed the guests were mostly male, the videos displayed butterflies between the fade in and out of pictures. It reminded me of the metamorphosis of life, and the metamorphosis from day to evening which resembled the guests at Hunters.

Sashaying from room to room, I found a billiards room with two dart boards, smiles, laughter, and a lot people enjoying themselves, being out for the evening-in one way or another. I would have liked to play pool or darts with this friendly group, they don’t hog the tables!

The dance floor had two podiums for dancing, although I believe that people should be auditioned before they are let out amongst the public to grind and sweat on you! You never knew whose pelvis would swing right into your face; on the other hand, someone else might rather enjoy it.

Perhaps it was an off night, but it was hard to get into the rhythm of the music. One good song would be playing, then there was a slow lead into another which made the “podium talent of the night” even hesitant.

Would it be too much to ask that single dancers be cognizant of others? These wailing arms, and shirtless sweaty chests need some talented guidance and above all, deodorant!

After an hour, a cocktail, and a couple dances, Princess had to leave-but wishes to go back for another evening to test out the ambiance and music.

Rating: 1-3 (1-no royal experience, 2- a royal experience, 3- a Princess experience.
First time: 2. Due to everyone’s intense interaction and enjoyment of the crowd. Be forewarned, it is smokey.

Its definantly a different atmosphere, testostorone fills the air and creates a very horney place. If you are a tid bit self-conscious, do not attend. It will make you crazy. The scene is very young, 21-28. - Zeke

Hunk night is hot but not tacky. The great dancers along with a great DJ present a sophiticated experience. A crowd of all ages and varied gender preference were treated to guys who knew how to dance their hearts out but also had great personalities to make all feel good. Sexy but not trashy. Top dance floor and very clean facility. The patio allowed for a quieter place to talk with its own light show of planes landing at O'Hare. Easy parking and nearby motels are a plus. Not just a place to go instead of boystown but well worth the visit from boystown for out of town visitors. - bmwducatirider

One of the best! If you can't afford to go into Boystown, this place is for you! It was the first gay bar I visited! - Brassguy

Great place in the burbs with the energy of a downtown club. Best time in the summer when the back patio is open. - prideboy_71

Hunters is a blast. Karaoke On Monday nights. The Host/DJ Glen is so cute. And Hunters Hunks on Thursday. I alway have a GREAT Time. Friday and Saturday. Love the dance floor and they have such a cool patio. I just LOVE the place. - PDSPhotoguy

clean,friendly and hotties!!!! - aaronj23

This club keeps up the spirit of the days of old when gay clubs were few and far between and when you found one it served all segments of the community. There is truly something and someone for everyone here. The music is good and the staff is couteous and fast. - bdecker

Hunters is a great place when you want to save money or just doing want to drive all the way downtown. Hunters was the first gay bar I went to, and as a open-minded guy, I felt totally comfortable hanging out with my gay friends there. Plus, all the revamping they did was great. One downfall...they sent their best bartender to Florida, Glen don't let the gators get you! - Couple4LotsOFun

Cover charge for nothing over rated and priced not friendly to old people. You have a better time in Chicago - Toesucker

Hunters has come a long way in the last 20 years. And It just keeps getting better. Then presently remodeling their HUGE outside bar area (Patio). I hear when its done it will show a bit of NEW ORLANDS style. And throughtout the summer they are going to have a few water base type contests. shower, wet shorts ect. Plus they are redoing thier The prototype is their HeadHunters Bar in Palm Spings the 2nd bar they open there. along with The Hunters Video Bar in Palm Springs. Go Mark!!! Here he Grows again. Word has it, they will be opening more Bar in More states. (AZ & TX). Go and hang-out at Hunters Dance Club in Elk Grove, Just 13 miles from Boys Town. You will have the time of your life. OH DON'T FORGET THE HOT SEXY BARTENDERS. - photoguy

There are several things I like about Hunter's; here's a list: 1) one of the biggest bars in the city-- 800 guys can be in there on the weekend... 2) they play the same mix of videos, comedy, and club DJ music that you can hear downtown 3) IT'S CHEAPER TO DRINK THERE cuz YOU GET MORE, IT'S FREE-POURED, and IT'S CHEAPER PERIOD! 4) the best lighting in chicagoland-- a computer is needed to control them... 5) a huge outdoor patio 6) videoscreens everywhere 7) a smaller, QUIETER bar is there if you don't like the noise 8) it's ONLY 13 MILES FROM BOYSTOWN, most of which is expressway driving!!! 9) they have had ABIGAIL, PEPPER MASHAY, and LINDA CLIFFORD perform up close and personal 10) it's been totally renovated and looks AWESOME 11) the cover is only 4 or 5 bucks compared to the city 12) NEVER A STUPID LINE TO GET INSIDE 13) and did I mention that you get the same drinks for CHEAPER?!!!! Does it sound like I love the place? You betcha. Granted, it's not in boystown, but they *more* than make up for that. - badpuppy