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Angelina Ristorante

3561 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60657

(773) 935-5933

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Okay, first of all, all AUTHENTIC Italian restaurants will serve wine in a juice glass. That's how they drink it in Italy. Sometimes they even use bowls! Only snobs use the rich communists use those thin-stemmed glasses. Anyway, this is a very authentic southern Italian restuarant, of which Chicago is in dire need. The only draw back is the portions they serve. They are VERY small, as small as the portions of a microwave dinner. Someone should tell the owners that they are in America. Americans like to have something to take home in a doggy bag! - Littletally

Angelina's hits all the right notes. Mind you, those notes do come at a price. The food is of a good quality but could be better for the price. It is a gem tucked into a strip on Broadway that is greasy spoon mexican and broken down, "I'lll never go in there", bar. Do try it. - surferinchig

Great spot for that first date. Very romantic and the food is always good. The waiters are usually quite hot as well. - upsboy