Feature Column: The Fit Factor


04/10/2014 - Farewell and Thank You
After two years of fitness advice, Michael Elder signs off

03/27/2014 - Obstacle Course and Mud Race Training
Getting Down and Dirty: Obstacle course and mud race training

03/13/2014 - Examining the 4th Element: Proper Rest & Recovery
Examining the 4th element: proper rest and recovery

02/27/2014 - Hitting the Slopes
Hitting the Slopes: It’s not just for fun anymore

02/12/2014 - High Intensity Training: How Hard is too Hard?

01/30/2014 - Planet Fitness: Are They Right or Wrong?

01/07/2014 - Get Your Freeze On
Get Your Freeze On: Training outdoors in the winter

12/12/2013 - Exercise and Youth: A Winning Combination
The important of creating healthy lifestyle habits at a young age

11/27/2013 - Beating the Holiday Trap

11/14/2013 - Motivating Your Partner to Exercise

10/16/2013 - From the Gym Floor to the Bedroom
From the gym floor to the bedroom: The sexual benefits of exercise

09/26/2013 - Stepping Up: Taking Your Leg Training To the Next
Stepping up: Taking your leg training to the next level

09/05/2013 - Kickboxing 101
Exploring the fighter within: Kickboxing 101

08/22/2013 - The Explosion of TRX
Can you handle the suspension? The explosion of TRX.

08/08/2013 - Making the Change: Training Tips For the Ectomorph
Training tips for the ectomorph

07/18/2013 - Solving the Protein Puzzle
Ensuring the heavy demands of working out are met

07/05/2013 - Gym Etiquette for Dummies
Tips for practicing proper gym etiquette

06/06/2013 - The Curse of Corporate America
Overcome your inactive slump and eating habits associated with work

05/16/2013 - Making Exercise Fun - Yes, it’s Possible!
It is possible to make exercise fun, advice from Michael Elder

05/02/2013 - Dispelling the Myths: Common Fitness Fallacies
Michael Elder shares some common fitness fallacies

04/18/2013 - The Lift of Champions: The Squat
Squats are one of the best exercises anyone could ever perform

04/03/2013 - The Benefits of Bikram Yoga
It’s Gettin Hot in Here: The benefits of Bikram Yoga

03/21/2013 - Life on the Go
Life on the Go: Health and fitness tips for the avid traveler

03/07/2013 - Fighting the Myth of the Number Game
Michael Elder on fighting the numbers game

02/21/2013 - Treating Depression Through Exercise
Michael Elder on treating depression through exercise

02/07/2013 - Exercise and Low Back Pain: Is it safe?
Is it safe to exercise with lower back pain?

01/23/2013 - Welcome to the Gun Show
Welcome to the Gun Show: Developing a defined arm

01/10/2013 - The Mature Adult
Never too old; exercise and the mature adult

12/27/2012 - 2013: The year of the Goal
Michael Elder on setting a goal, which is different from a resolution

12/13/2012 - Fighting the Epidemic: Diabetes and Exercise
Michael Elder on the importance of exercise when treating diabetes

11/29/2012 - Body-fat testing: What’s the best pption?
Body-fat testing: what’s the best option?

11/15/2012 - Say “No” to the Holiday Bulge!
Tips to help you say “no” to the holiday bulge

10/18/2012 - Dance Your Way to a Better Body
Michael Elder on the many benefits of dance

10/04/2012 - Investing in Personal Training
How to invest in personal training without emptying your wallet

09/20/2012 - The Uphill Battle of Eating Out
Michael Elder addresses the uphill battle of eating out

09/06/2012 - The Ins and Outs of Functional Training
Michael Elder on the ins and outs of functional training

08/22/2012 - Advanced Training for That Extra Edge
Advanced training techniques to boost your workout to the next level

08/09/2012 - Boost Your Metabolism, See Results!
Simple steps to boosting your metabolism

07/26/2012 - Developing a Chest of Steel
Michael Elder offers tips on developing a chest of steel

07/10/2012 - Weight Training For Seniors? Yes!
Senior weight training, every generation can benefit from exercise

06/28/2012 - Exploring the World of Yoga
Michael Elder explores the world of yoga

06/14/2012 - Indoor or Outdoor: That is the Question
Which is better: indoor or outdoor running?

05/31/2012 - The Power of Plyometrics
Fitness expert Michael Elder on the power of plyometrics

05/16/2012 - Get Your Groove On With Heart Rate Training
Get your groove on with heart rate training, advice from Michael Elder

05/10/2012 - Sleep Deprivation: The Common Culprit
Michael Elder on the common culprit for sleep deprivation

04/19/2012 - Tips to Avoid Burnout & Enhance Motivation
Ensuring Success: Tips to avoid burnout and enhance motivation

03/22/2012 - Don’t Wait- Get Your Beach Body Now!
Don't wait, get your beach body now! Tips from Michael Elder.

02/22/2012 - Weightlifting Advice
How to avoid overtraining: Tips and advice from Michael Elder