Feature Column: The HomoPolitico


11/06/2013 - The Long Road to Illinois Marriage Equality
The long road to Illinois marriage equality finally ends

06/20/2013 - Pride: Both celebration and reflection
Pride season highlights both celebrations and work to be done

06/01/2013 - Marriage Equality Stalls in Illinois
Waymon Hudson on Illinois' marriage mess

02/13/2013 - Obama’s State of the Union Message
Obama’s State of the Union message: Social justice takes center stage

01/23/2013 - LGBT Rights are Civil Rights
“Seneca Falls, Selma & Stonewall”: LGBT rights are civil rights

11/07/2012 - Harnessing Momentum From a Historic Election

11/05/2012 - Election 2012: Let's Get Real About Romney
Waymon Hudson with a final wrap-up before election day

11/01/2012 - Election 2012: I Know You’re Tired, But...

09/27/2012 - This Is What DOMA Discrimination Looks Like

09/20/2012 - Election 2012: Voter ID Laws, Suppression & Equal
Waymon Hudson on voter ID laws, suppression and equality

09/06/2012 - Election 2012: Rhetoric, the Record, and Reality
Rhetoric, the record and reality... Waymon Hudson on Election 2012

08/29/2012 - GOP Convention Shows the Danger of a Weak Romney
GOP Convention shows the danger of a weak Mitt Romney

08/22/2012 - A Tale of Two Political Platforms
Waymon Hudson with a tale of two political platforms

08/16/2012 - Paul Ryan: The Perfect Face of Today’s Extreme GOP
Paul Ryan, the face of today's extreme GOP

08/07/2012 - The “Kiss-In”: Affection as Activism?
Saying our love is a political act only strengthens the opposition

07/04/2012 - Anderson Cooper, coming out and visibility
Waymon Hudson on Anderson Cooper, coming out and visibility

06/19/2012 - Pride & Politics: Learning From History
We can celebrate Pride and still learn from our own history

06/14/2012 - Generation Gaps: A Story of Love
Remembering those that love us, no matter what their generation.

06/05/2012 - Prop 8 Case Enters Final Stage
Prop 8 ruling means case enters final stage

05/24/2012 - More Anti-Equality Arguments Crumble
Waymon Hudson takes on the same tired arguments against equality

05/16/2012 - The Mixed Marriage Message
Waymon Hudson on the mixed marriage message

05/12/2012 - Just Call Me Mommy Dearest
Waymon Hudson on the role of mother, which can come in many forms

05/09/2012 - A Moment in History: Marriage Equality
Waymon Hudson on the historic moment for marriage equality

05/02/2012 - Right-Wing Romney: Gay Spokesman Quits Campaign

04/24/2012 - Huge Breakthrough from EEOC: Trans Workers Protect
Waymon Hudson on a game changing development for trans workers

04/15/2012 - A Taxing Time for Gay Couples
Waymon Hudson on the inequity for LGBT couples during tax season

04/12/2012 - Values Voting
Waymon Hudson on taking back the "values voter" label

04/04/2012 - NOM’s Implosion: The Ripple Effect
Waymon Hudson on the ripple effect created by NOM's implosion

03/27/2012 - Dissecting NOM’s Race-Baiting Anti-Gay War
Waymon Hudson dissects NOM’s race-baiting anti-gay war

03/22/2012 - The Dangers of Low Voter Turnout
Waymon Hudson on the dangers of low voter turnout

03/07/2012 - The Danger of a Malleable Mitt Romney
Waymon Hudson on the danger of a malleable Mitt Romney

03/01/2012 - Marriage Equality: The Tide Has Turned
Waymon Hudson on the turning tide of marriage equality

02/16/2012 - Campaign 2012: The ‘Moderate’ Myth
Waymon Hudson on the 'moderate' myth

02/07/2012 - Breaking Down the Prop 8 Decision
Waymon Hudson breaks down the Prop 8 decision

02/01/2012 - Common Sense
The Illinois lawmaker who calls LGBT discrimination ‘common sense’

01/18/2012 - Why the GOP Primary Still Matters
Waymon Hudson on why the GOP Primary still matters

01/12/2012 - The Brewing Battle
The brewing battle between the Catholic Church and civl rights

08/24/2011 - Church vs State
Church vs State: When faith-based organizations trump civil rights

07/15/2011 - The Marcus Bachmann Conundrum
The Marcus Bachmann Conundrum: Making Fun of 'Acting Gay'

07/07/2011 - Fighting the Everyday “Don’t Ask, Don't Tell"
Making a Difference: Fighting the Everyday "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

06/21/2011 - Putting the Pride in Politics