Feature Column: Personal Fitness


06/24/2010 - Jogging for intelligence
Jogging for body and intelligence

08/24/2009 - The "To Do and not To Do's" of muscle conditioning

07/21/2009 - The myth of loosing strength with age

05/24/2009 - Five truths to high performance metabolism
Five simple rules that can lead to high performance metabolism

04/25/2009 - The marriage of mind & body for physical progress

03/21/2009 - Shivering creates heat and burns calories

03/09/2009 - Understand your body type for optimum fitness

03/05/2009 - Losing extra pounds the right way
Be a good gymbunny - lose extra pounds the right way

03/01/2009 - Consistency and Persistency: "Personal" Fitness
Consistency and Persistency: Welcome to "Personal" Fitness