August 10, 2014

Is Love Like a Faucet?

BY Darling Darby ("Ask Darby")

Dear Darby,

My friend and I have been together over a year, and now I think it's time to make a further commitment. I have relocated for him, lost contact with a lot of friends and family, and now wondering if it's worth it!

The question is I don't know where he stands in our relationship. He's like running water, he can be hot or cold! What do you think? Too soon? Just wait? Go home?


Hot and Cold

Do you think a year together is sufficient time to make a commitment? Especially after just relocating to another city and experiencing a lot of change? Has there been changes in not only mood, but in routines?

Second, you both made a decision to relocate together right? Or not? You didn't mention if it was a joint decision, a career move, or lifestyle change.

Whether it's across the street, or across the country, it doesn't make a difference. Both your hearts and heads should be in unison. Whatever, it seems you're not content. Do you feel short changed?

These are the questions you have to ask yourself. Discuss this with your partner, after all he isn't a mind reader. He may feel the same way, or there may other stuff going in head.

What ever you do, be prepared. It may just cost you more than your heart! Water that runs hot or cold may need to be turned off in the end.

Take our time and enjoy the rest of the summer!

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