January 15, 2014

Hot Trip Tip For a Hot Traveler

BY Darling Darby ("Ask Darby")

Dear Darling Darby,

It's a new year and I'd like to start it out with a great trip. Nothing mundane, something to look forward to and talk about! I have a week or two, any ideas?

Hot Traveler

Dear Hot Traveler,

Have you ever thought of taking a trip on a barge or small sailing vessel cruising down a river? It's like staying in a hotel that floats.

The barge or ship anchors at night. During the day you can hop off enjoy the people and sights, then hop back on. Meet the local people, drink up the culture, and absorb the beauty of the adventure.

Think of cruising the Burgundy country or Europe's Danube, even a trip from Boston up the coast.

Just decide on the time of the trip, budget, and location. Now, have fun planning your trip, I will be interested what you have decided!


Darling Darby

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