August 20, 2013

Is online dating an adventure or a bad trip?

BY Darling Darby ("Ask Darby")

Dear Darling Darby:

What are you thoughts on online dating? I'm thinking of try to meet a nice guy.

Dear I'm Thinking,

Depending on whether you're looking for friendship, love, or the perfect mate, be smart and safe.

I know couples who met online and are married and others who found friends online but have never met.

Go online and check out the articles on tips for date safety, dating safely, and security.

If you meet up, meet at a public place or in a group. Keep the date short and sweet in case you want to leave if it doesn't work out.

Just like shopping, I like to see what I get! Be safe,smart, and secure. It could be an adventure but it could be a bad trip!


Darling Darby

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