November 7, 2012

Smoking hot at 50 and relenting to younger

BY Honey West ("Ask Miss Honey")

Dear Miss Honey,

I am 50 and recently relented to a 21 year old who has been pursuing me for several years. Now that I have done this, she seems to have retreated. She says she loves me, but her actions say something else. Am I trying to love with the heart of a woman, a heart of a child? Because I have known her for sometime, she appeared to be mature enough, but now I'm not so certain. I am too old to get my feelings hurt, but I do have feelings for her. What should I do?

Smoking Hot at 50

Smoking Hot at 50,

First off you have to understand that, sometimes a younger person may mean well, but may not have the emotional maturity to deal with a relationships the same as a person who has had much more life experience.

Another thing to think about, you said she has been pursuing you for years? Some people, from all age categories are attracted to people who are unobtainable because it is safe, they may be afraid of commitment. When you gave into her wishes you changed the game and she might have gotten scared. She may not even understand why she did what she did.

Know this, if a person is not ready, for any reason, to commit to an intimate relationship, it does not always reflect on you. It could be the wrong place at the wrong time. Wait for someone who is ready. You deserve it.

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