December 1, 2008

Skin care practices for electrolysis

BY Xviara Owens ("Ask Xviara beauty advice")

Dear Xviara,

I am considering some fairly intense electrolysis to remove my facial hair. Friends tell me there can be some discomfort and it seems like the process might be hard on the skin. What skin care practices do you recommend to your clients in electrolysis?

- Hairy Ette

Dear Hairy Ette,

My recommendations vary according to skin type, but my advice is basically the same: Cleanse, Tone, Treat, Moisturize, and Protect.

There are many skin types (normal/oily/dry and every combination in between) and therefore many reactions to the heat deposited into the dermis by the electrolysis needle. Long term affects on the skin from electrolysis can be the destruction of the collagen levels (which can look like enlarged pores, especially on both sides of the chin area).

A good skin care regimen can have many benefits, besides buffering the affects of long term or intense electrolysis treatments. I was blessed that I had training in/access to proper skin care, so I suffered very few ill affects…though I did receive several treatments from two over zealous or improperly trained Electrologists(both repeatedly burned me and luckily, I believe both are no longer practicing in the Chicago land area). Thank goodness for Frances Washington and Kelly Morrissy for showing me what the proper results of correct electrolysis treatment should look and feel like. Now back to the question at hand and here is the regimen I strongly suggest for day and night.

I prefer two different cleansers, one for the AM and one for the PM, your cleanser should never make your skin feel tight after use (tightness usually means too much detergent and/or lathering agent and will wreck a healthy oil balance in the skin). At night use a gentle refining cleanser that helps micro-exfoliate(salicylic for all skin types or a glycolic/benzoyl peroxide blend for oily skin types), a gentle refining cleanser will reveal fresher more youthful skin and allow your other products to penetrate . Your toner should be alcohol free with soothing botanicals; helps finalize the cleansing process by removing deep pore traces of dirt and makeup without stripping your skin.

Treat your skin concerns with a serum that addresses the one major concern you might have (i.e. dehydration, congestion, oily, dry, signs of aging, etc). Moisturize with a cream that is a great mixture of science and nature, try to stay away from excessive pore clogging oils and fragrance. In the AM, protect your skin with a European SPF, they address both the UVA and the UVB and whether it is sunny or not, wear it, many don’t realize the harmful affects of the sun’s ray will attack your skin 365 days of the year (rain or shine). Don’t go somewhere that pushes a full line concept, that is just a marketing ploy and I only sell to my clients what their skin needs, mingling the products from various lines that address the specific needs of the skin. Just because one line’s facial cleanser works for you doesn’t mean their toner will and so on, so don’t fall for the up sell.

Monthly or quarterly European facials at a spa are another wonderful way you can treat yourself to a deep treatment that can help achieve beautiful skin, just make sure you ask the spa if the practice western European technique(I find eastern techniques too aggressive and sometimes lead to scaring or ruddy complexions) . Another great advantage to beautifully cared for skin is it develops your face into a radiantly youthful palette for make-up and who doesn’t want that?

Xviara’s Recommendations:

Electrologists- Chicago (Frances Washington 312-787-1747 European facials & body treatments available), Western Suburbs (Kelly Morrissy 708-386-4663), Southern Suburbs (Pearl Warner 773-324-3333 European facials available) Skin Care/European & Clinical Facials (312-787-1747)- DECLEOR~Paris, La Maison du Parfum/Galimard ~France, SOTHYS~Paris

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