June 22, 2004

Help! My boyfriend is too big and it hurts!

BY The Sex-pert ("Ask the Sex-pert")

Dear Sex-pert,

My boyfriend’s penis is too big and it really hurts when we have sex. Sometimes, I even bleed after we’ve done it. How can I make it more enjoyable and less painful?

Let me know,
Sore Steve

Dear Steve,

First off, never tell your boyfriend that his dick is too big! It’ll totally give him this big head (pardon the pun) and he’ll be outta control! As for how to make sex more enjoyable there are tons of really fun options! The first thing you may want to try is finding a lube that both you and he like and using tons and tons of it! Lube is a backdoor boy’s best friend. There are tons of different types of lube, but just make sure you get water-based if you’re using condoms. Something you then might try with the lube is to have your boyfriend finger you with some of it on his fingers. Like Tina Turner said, start of nice and slow with just one finger and then have him put another one in when you’re ready for it. This is going to help lube you up on the inside and loosen your butt muscles a little bit, which makes the sex more fun, but also safer for STD’s and stuff. I think everyone should live by the motto of, finger before fucking! One final thing you might want to try is positioning yourself on top of him. This way, you can control how much his dick you are taking and the speed of the sex. Try this, and if it doesn’t work, you can always try being the top!

Bottoms Away,
The Sex-pert

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