April 16, 2004


BY Mike ("The way I see it...")

I met this guy about a couple of months ago, and after a few emails we decided to go out. The first time we went out it was great, we went bowling and after that we went to his place after, and we saw a movie and we had sex afterwards (like you didn't see it coming), we talked all night and found out we had a lot in common, after that we agreed to meet again, but our work schedules were so different and we had to keep canceling, until eventually we stopped talking. I really liked this guy, but I don't know how to approach him when we haven't talked for almost two months. Any Advice?

Friendly Friend

Just pick up the phone and start dialing. You are both aware of the time that has passed. Who cares? Its likely he is feeling just as timid about calling after a silent period.

If you guys hit it off once, you'll likely hit it off again. Don't over-analyze the situation. Call him.

That's how I see it anyway...

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