Bud Boyz 2011

October 2011   |   22 Photos
Meet GoPride.com's Models of the Month, the official finalists of the 2011 Bud Boyz competition.
Photos by Male Image Photography
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As one last sizzle before we wave goodbye to summer, the GoPride Network brings you the official finalists of the 2011 Bud Boyz summer competition.

Meet Anthony (plaid shirt), Jason (gold shirt), Kyle (white shirt) and David (white shirt with body art).

Earlier this summer, each model answered the question, "What makes you a great Bud Boy?"

Anthony: I would be a good Bud Boy because I am fun, friendly, and a HARD worker!

Jason: I'm a professional, creative, mid-west born and raised down to Earth guy. During the summer you can find me biking on the lakeshore, at the gym, dining alfresco at local restaurants, and pool side listening to everything from pop music to classic rock to bossa nova jazz. I enjoy an ice cold Bud Light while grilling on my back porch after work with friends.

Kyle: I would be a great Bud Boy because I am outgoing, involved in the community and have a strong drive for life. Working both at the Center on Halsted and Berlin nightclub, I am familiar with interacting with diverse crowds and motivating others in everything they do. My passion for life shows whenever someone interacts with me and my drive to always become a better person shines each day. To live life you must learn to love yourself and be yourself.

David: I see the beauty and charm in Boystown. I try to emulate the strength and pride our community encourages and feel that this competition is just that. I would be a good Bud Boy because this is about sending a positive message...and I can do just that. In more ways than one!

Cheers and congratulations, gentlemen!