Reeling29 Sun - Is It Just Me & Violet Tendencies

Sunday, November 7, 2010 - One of the funniest and sweetest gay romantic comedies in years, Is It Just Me? delivers a refreshingly witty take on one gay boy's search for Mr. Right. Cute, but unaware of his adorableness, newspaper columnist Blaine can't seem to meet guys, let alone form a relationship. His beefy go-go boy roommate Cameron—who has no shortage of willing partners—can't understand why he doesn't pounce and enjoy some one-nighters. Instead, Blaine hides in his room and searches Internet chat rooms for a kindred spirit. He may have found one in the form of Xander, a shy, recently relocated Texan. But when the time comes to exchange photos, Blaine accidentally sends an image of his hunky roommate, and things go from romantically promising to uproariously confusing.

She's Manhattan's most fabulous fruit fly! At nearly 40, Violet (Mindy Cohn from The Facts of Life) is the racy, fun-loving belle of the gay ball. She spends her nights as royalty, but when the party ends she always heads home alone.

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