DJ Toy Armada brings the beats to Octane Party, June 9 at Fantasy Nightclub

Tue. June 5, 2018 5:15 PM by Ross Forman

Chicago, IL - DJ Toy Armada was in Chicago last September for LIBERATION: A Labor Day Grand Party from SKIN Productions, held at Fantasy Nightclub in Boystown. When the last note played and the final cymbal crashed at 5 a.m., he bowed to thank the crowd.

The crowd responded with cheers and his first "fanning ovation," he said.

"That beautiful sound will linger forever in my memories."

Well, the Manila-based DJ is back in Chicago, back at Fantasy Nightclub. Armada leads the sounds for the Octane Party from SKIN Productions on Saturday, June 9, starting at 11:30 p.m.

"I am always thankful for the chance to play for this amazing city. The energy (in Chicago) is amazing! Lots of DJs want this opportunity, which is why I promise to always give nothing less than 100 percent when I go up on that DJ booth and press play," Armada said. "I have lots of surprises (planned) because, back in Manila, I've been very busy creating and preparing new productions and edits for summer, 2018. I am excited to unleash them."

Armada started DJing at age 23 and was the "Head DJ" of BED Manila before it closed in 2015. He brings a distinctive mix of thunderous tribal beats with soaring vocal anthems.

Armada has delivered his music magic around the world, literally.

"For every gig, in any city, I treat them all with utter respect because when people come out to give you their time, it is a gift," he said. "Chicago is special to me because I have made very deep connections here; it is quite emotional when they treat you as family. Plus, people (in Chicago) are crazy fun and I love them for being so."

Armada said he will be back in Chicago in August in conjunction with Northalsted Market Days.

Here's a look at DJ Toy Armada's 5 Favorite Musicians of All-Time:




Indigo Girls

George Michael

Here's a look at DJ Toy Armada's 5 Favorite DJs of All-Time:

Offer Nissim

Armin Van Buuren

Peter Rauhofer

David Guetta


"Honestly, there are more than five because so many DJs have inspired me since the 1990s and I still listen to all of them," he said.

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