Searching for Your Heritage Online

Sat. February 12, 2000 12:00 AM by Robin Nobles

Our individual heritage fascinates most of us. We're interested in our ancestors, in where they lived, in what wars they fought, and how they got to this continent.

More and more people are working on their family trees. After all, if we don't capture the information now, it could be lost for future generations.

Let's begin at the Best Genealogy Links on the WWW, where you'll discover links for beginning researchers as well as sites of interest to the most seasoned genealogists.

How about a site that boasts over 23,450 links in over 70 categories? At Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet, you'll find categories such as Adoption, Asia & the Pacific, African-American, Cemeteries & Funeral Homes, and even Family Bibles.

If any of your ancestors fought in the Civil War, be sure to visit The Electric Cemetery Home Page: Genealogy, Civil War. Major projects include 8576 Union soldiers buried in Oklahoma, the 8th Iowa Calvary, and the sinking of the steamship Sultana near Memphis. If you're new to genealogy, stop by Genealogy Helpers, where you'll find relationship information about cousins several times removed, or a perpetual calendar that shows every day of the week from 1753 to 2000.

An Index of Surnames . . . Native American Genealogy . . . Canadian Genealogy . . . Genealogy Newsgroups and Mailing Lists . . . you'll find it all plus much more at A Barrel of Genealogy Links.

Visit the Genealogy Home Page where you'll learn how maps can help you trace your family tree. Learn of upcoming genealogy events, or tips on helping you get started. Do you have Irish roots, or maybe Italian roots? If so, you'll find resources to help you, as well as genealogy help in areas such as Polish military history, Scottish ancestry, and Cuban genealogy.

Discover additional online resources that will help you in your genealogy search at Genealogy Listservers, Newsgroups, and Special Home Pages. The resources are broken down by letters of the alphabet, so it's easy to look for specific surnames or areas.

At Treasure Maps, the How-to Genealogy Site, you'll find five steps to getting started on your family tree, a tutorial on deciphering old handwriting, and a tutorial on U.S. Federal Census.

Online Genealogical Database Index features a massive compilation of links to genealogical databases searchable through the Net, and it is also linked to GenDex, which reportedly has more than two million entries.

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