Uganda's government to 'rehabilitate' members of LGBT community

Mon. August 8, 2016 9:51 AM by Carlos Santoscoy

Uganda's government said Monday that it has developed a program to "rehabilitate" members of the LGBT community to give them a chance to lead "normal lives."

At a press conference, Ethics Minister Simon Lokodo said that the government "will continue to suppress" the public activities of the LGBT community.

Organizers behind Uganda's annual pride celebration canceled this year's march. Lawyer/activist Nick Opiyo of Chapter 4 Uganda told BuzzFeed News that Lokodo had threatened to disrupt the march during a meeting he had with the minister. The decision to cancel this year's slate of events came a day after police raided a pride event, where several prominent LGBT rights activists were arrested.

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Lokodo said that a program has been developed to "rehabilitate members of the LGBT community, with the ultimate aim of giving them a chance to lead normal lives again." He also claimed that foreign forces, which he did not name, were influencing the organization of LGBT Pride event

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