Center hosts a sneak peek at Centercircus

Thu. July 16, 2009 12:00 AM

Men's social networking night gets a preview of upcoming series of classes in circus arts

Chicago, IL - Men on Mondays is a monthly social networking night for men to meet other men in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. On Monday, August 3, Men on Mondays will let you act like the clown you've always wanted to be, as Center on Halsted partners with CircEsteem to offer a sneak preview of CENTERcircus, an upcoming series of classes in circus arts.

Attendees on August 3 will get a preview of several CENTERcircus classes that will be available at the Center beginning in September. CENTERcircus will offer a brand new Gym Wheel class that is safe and a fun total-body workout suitable for adults of all ages. For those men who've gone to the circus and come away thinking, "I could do that!" you'll be able to indulge your inner clown in Circus Skills 101. Learn to spin plates, perform classic clown routines, hang from a trapeze, and at the end of CENTERcircus, you and your classmates will star on stage at Center on Halsted in your very own circus show!

CENTERcircus classes begin the second week of September at Center on Halsted. Tickets to the August 3, sneak peek are $10. For details and to RSVP, please contact Tom Ballentine, Director of Community and Cultural Programs, at or by calling 773/661.0763.

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