Project Fierce Chicago buys building for LGBTQ youth housing

Fri. August 28, 2015 7:14 AM

new community home planned for sw side

photo credit // project fierce

After nearly three years of planning, Project Fierce Chicago is realizing its dream

Chicago, IL - Project Fierce Chicago purchased a four-flat building on Chicago's Southwest side last week, that will eventually be home to LGBTQ young people experiencing homelessness. 

The purchase of the building is the culmination of collective organizing and fundraising by dedicated volunteers from the grassroots organization, which launched in 2013. The group is comprised of independent advocates, social workers and community members.  

The organization began the work of determining structure, values, goals and timelines almost three years ago in a café on the West side. 

"We wanted to build something autonomous, community-led, and responsive to the needs of the people we aim to support. This path may be slower and more challenging than a more institutional approach, but is worth the independence, and is meaningful in its collectivity," said founder Cassandra Avenatti. 

The leadership of Project Fierce Chicago cites community support as crucial to their fundraising success. Jackie Boyd, a board member shared, "Our supporters understand that for youth to achieve their goals, stable housing is the critical first step and they have dedicated countless hours, ideas, and dollars to creating a community based solution."

As the group gears up for the renovation, they are focused on raising the funds necessary to sustain operation, particularly by recruiting sustainers, or monthly givers. Individuals can donate to the project by visiting


Renovation to prepare the building for occupancy will begin soon and is likely to continue through the fall.