Roscoe's reopens Saturday after weeklong closure

Sat. July 18, 2015 11:38 AM by News Staff

Chicago, IL - The popular Boystown bar Roscoe's Tavern, 3356 N. Halsted, reopens Saturday, after the city suspended its liquor license for overcrowding during the 2014 Pride Parade. 

Roscoe's posted a message on its Facebook page and website Monday.

"The safety of our customers is, was and always will be our number one priority. We have learned a lot from this experience and have implemented specific procedures to help prevent this from happening again," the message read.

The closure is the result of a citation from the fire marshal during the Pride Parade in June 2014.

"We cannot adequately express our thanks for the understanding and unwavering support we have received from our customers, our neighbors and other merchants during this frustrating week," Roscoe's posted on its Facebook page Friday. 

Roscoe's will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the movie "Clueless" on Saturday night.