Poll: 2 million people in same-sex marriages, domestic partnerships

Sun. April 26, 2015 7:34 PM by Carlos Santoscoy

A Gallup poll released Friday found that more gay couples are in a marriage or domestic partnership than previously thought.

Pollsters found that nearly 2 million adults are in either a same-sex marriage (780,000) or a domestic partnership (1.2 million).

Approximately 60,000 of these married couples live in one of the 13 states where such unions are not recognized.

Previous estimates based on findings by the CDC in the 2013 National Health Interview Survey put the number of married gay couples at 130,000, or 260,000 individuals.

The number of states where gay couples can legally marry dramatically increased after the Supreme Court refused to review appellate court rulings striking down restrictive state marriage bans in October. The nation's highest court will hear arguments in a case challenging bans in four states on Tuesday, with a ruling expected in June.

The Los Angeles Times noted that the increase in marriages is a "reflection of the growth in the number of states that have legalized same-sex marriage in recent years."

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